We know that it is not just the hairstyles that are troublesome, but working women do not have enough time to wash and care for their long hair extensions or wigs during the hectic holiday seasons. But don't worry, we won't abandon you in the middle of your big occasions.

We gathered the greatest hair expert advice from Indique Virgin Hair extensions, a well-known Indian hair store



Many women are confused about when to wash their long human hair extensions or wigs. You should wash your everyday wig no less than once a week. This will aid in removing any accumulated product buildup that may be clogging it. 

Use sulfate-free shampoo & conditioners to keep the shine & gloss of your virgin hair wigs. 



You'll have an easier time controlling knots and frizz if you gently finger-comb your natural curly human hair extensions throughout the day. You wouldn't have to untangle it regularly with a comb or brush, which might cause your wig to lose hair and body if done too frequently. However, doing so on occasion should be OK if you use a wig brush or a wide-toothed comb.




Choose the "excellent" hair extensions or wigs. "You get what you spend for," as the old saying goes. Unless you enjoy changing your wigs as frequently as your clothing, remember that quality is preferable to quantity when purchasing a new one. 

Human hair wigs often last longer than synthetic hair wigs. Although they are a bit more expensive, it is only because they are made from 100% virgin hair; with regular maintenance, you can get a lot of use out of them.

 We're not talking about months here; we're talking about years.



Invest in wig care items that are crucial for at-home upkeep. When long human hair are worn frequently, it loses their "zhuzh" and flattens down. The correct wig care products will give adequate moisture and deep conditioning to restore the sheen of your wig. 

For this purpose, we recommend hair care products from Indique, which can perform wonders on synthetic and human hair wigs.

So, after this article, we hope you will slay the hairstyles and look amazing. Get all of the hair-care items mentioned above and some fantastic virgin Indian hair extensions.


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