Box braids are a recent obsession, but few know that they were an iconic 90’s style that originated as a protective hairstyle that is ultimately versatile and fashionable. Different sizes of box braids can be paired up with beads or scarves and tied up into ponytails for funky and playful variations on the traditional look. You will witness different size box braids and the various lengths they come in. 

Box braids don’t only come for protection purposes but also give you a bold, confident yet elegant look. There are a plethora of hairstyles that you can pull off with box braids. If you are curious about how you can sport box braids, here are 5 best braid hairstyles for box braids:

#Top Knot Bun

Wrapping your braids into a stylish topknot over your head is just the style statement you need for a gala event or a fabulous dressy party. While traditional topknots have been a staple among celebrities at fashion events, top knot bun braids are now the next big hairstyle to be embraced by all. It is effortless, protective, and can look great with the right attire to pair.

#Side Swept Bangs

The braided version of side-swept bangs is a fresh fusion that embraces a simple and stylish voluminous look with box braids. They can be worn as-is or highlighted with a color of your choice to bring out the best look that you have yet to try for yourself.

#Loose Side Ponytail

The loose-side ponytail with box braids is an effortless look that pairs well with casual outfits, denim jackets, and oversized tees. They have a bedhead appeal but still, appear posh without a doubt.

#Box Braid Bob

The box braid bob is a favorite among short, shoulder-length styles. Box braid bobs are versatile enough to be paired with beads or highlights that can be sported at the office. They are a great option if you don’t have enough length for a longer hairstyle.

#Swept Back Box Braid 

If you think that getting braids done is tedious, there are different products for box braids such as braiding hair bundle packs and braided hair extensions that can help you show off the styles you desire. Swept Back Box Braid will give you serious bohemian vibes. Adding more braids to one side than the other is the key to creating this look. To keep the swept-back look in place, you could also use hairpins discreetly throughout.

You can also channel your inner prima ballerina (even if you're just in the office or going to the gym) by making elegant box braids plaits. You can wrap your box braid plait into a stylish topknot on the top of your head and shine your look in place with the Indique hair shine spray. 

If you are searching for quality braiding hair to achieve gorgeous box braids, you can opt for Indique Hair. The brand offers a wide range of 100% human braiding hair that effortlessly blends with your natural hair and gives it a natural look. You can also go for their super saver braiding hair bundle packs. 


In case you are wondering how to create box braids on natural hair, don't worry, you can do it right at home. To begin with, make sure your hair is clean. Wash your hair with any Indique shampoo and conditioner, then section it into parts, and braid each part. The brand also offers one of the best human braiding hair in the market. 

You must protect and shield the natural hair from breakage and dryness. The hair underneath remains healthy with the use of oil and moisturizers to maintain the style. With box braids on natural hair, you can experiment with several styles if you take good care of your hair.