The heatless method guarantees a fantastic result with your best curly human hair extensions

Step One:

The first step involves washing and conditioning your hair to be in the best condition possible before installing the extensions.

While your curly hair is air-drying, spray your extensions with a mixture of water and moisturizing oil concoction. 

Let the extensions soak in the hydrating formula and moisturize your hair with hair oil. 

Step Two: 

Arrange all of the wefts and braid them into three tiny strands. If your curls are tight, braid the wefts in small strands; if your curls are loose, braid them in more prominent strands to mimic your natural texture once dried.

If you have naturally kinky curly hair, choose smaller strand braids and larger braids if you have loose curls. 

Step Three: 

Allow your wefts to dry overnight, but you can fasten the process by gently blow-drying them. Make sure you use a heat guard to keep your kinky curly clip in hair extensions safe.

Step Four:

You can start unraveling the braids after they're entirely dry with a rat tail comb or your fingers until the braid is undone. Your beautiful curly wefts will be ready to clip into your natural hair at the end of this process!

Pro Tips:

If you pick the heat-free approach or curl your hair extensions separately from your hair, hang your clip-ins with a hanger to make curling much easier. This is also a fantastic way to store extensions when not in use!

  • Ensure that you tease the roots of your hair before installing hair extensions. This will provide a firm foundation for your extensions.


  • When working with heat styling tools, always use a heat protectant to prevent heat damage to your hair and your human hair extensions.


  • Wash your extensions after a few years, and don't forget to condition the hair to maintain the luster and quality.

This blog was posted to educate our fans about a healthy way to maintain their hair. This method does not use heat and is a great alternative to alternative heat styling methods. Blending your extensions and silky/curly hair is possible with the help of this method. We expect this blog post has assisted you in learning more about the heatless method, and we look forward to sharing more hair care tips with you in the future!