Hair braids are indeed an excellent protective style for natural hair, and there's a reason why they've grown in favor in the past years. 

The charm of this protective hairstyle is its versatility; both men and women can sport it. It is also appropriate for various hair textures, lengths, and styles. Through virgin human hair, the braids allow you to experiment with partings and colors while cutting down grooming time and preventing breakage. 

Continue reading to discover how to braid various hairstyles with attractive braid designs!

How To Do Hair Braids With Braiding Hair?

Achieving excellent and spectacular results depends on the braid designs, Hair braids need patience, and each braider has tips and tactics for pulling it off flawlessly!

If the trendy protective braids have tempted you, here's how to achieve hair braids!

  • Brush your hair to eliminate tangles and knots.
  • Create a neat center part and apply hair gel to ensure a crisp parting. 
  • Divide your hair into multiple sections (depending on how many braids you want) and secure them with clips. 
  • Apply a bit of gel to the first part to be braided and spread the product thoroughly.
  • Take a small section of virgin human braiding hair, split it into three sections, and begin plaiting an inverted braid.
  • Braid down until you reach the end of your hairline. Braid the excess hair into a three-strand braid and fasten it with an elastic band at the end.
  • Repeat the steps for the remaining sections ensuring the braids are proportional. 

#1 Hair Braids With Kinky Curly Hair Bundles

The trendy hair braids last for several weeks, and you can flaunt the protective braid in various lengths and textures using kinky curly hair bundles. Weaves are excellent for adding length, thickness, and volume and concealing thinning spots. 

Bundles can be glued, stitched, or clipped onto natural hair. You also have the option to experiment with your parting and incorporate colorful accessories such as pearls or beads.

#2 Jumbo Box Braids 

This jumbo box braids style features significantly chunkier braids and will frequently require extensions to provide a fuller appearance. It's all about the volume; the enormous look can be fun and attractive. Add cuffs and beads to your braids with natural hair to accentuate the Jumbo box braids. 

#3 Colored Hair Braids 

If you want hair that will turn attention and make an immediate statement, braids with colored hair are your style. The beauty of this protective style is that it can be produced in various ways. This helps you completely express yourself and create a hairstyle that you will be proud to wear.

Bright colors might not be appropriate for the workplace, but they are a great way to liven up your style or have fun in your spare time. This is likely not a style you want to DIY, so consult a specialist for the ideal result with virgin human braiding hair! 


These are the hair braid styles to try in 2023! As mentioned earlier, they are a great protective option for natural hair, and the unique aesthetic allows you to experiment with various braid designs!

Take advantage of the versatility of hair braids and flaunt any braid styles listed above. So, are you ready to give human braiding hair a try? Head to Indique Hair and shop for virgin braiding hair today!