When curly girls want a break from their ringlets, they often straighten their curls to make them look smoother. There are several ways of achieving this! You could use chemical relaxers to break down or change the texture of your hair, heat to compress the hair flat, or numerous heatless techniques to extend it out. Your hair's shape is impacted whenever you straighten it. Heat is required to mold dry hair. When drying wet hair, you require pressure to shape it; you can achieve this by using pins, rollers, or a cool blow-dryer.

Here are the best ways to achieve silky, healthy, straightened hair

Straightening Hair With Heat

Using heat styling to achieve flat iron straight hair is very easy. However, repeated use of heat-based styling tools can cause harm to your natural hair

When flat ironing hair, keep the following guidelines in mind:

● It would help if you always shampooed or conditioned your hair before flat ironing it.

● Use the iron only once to reduce heat damage. To accomplish this, you should pre-stretch your hair to be straight. You can achieve it by blow-drying or utilizing one of the non-heat lengthening techniques listed below.

● Using incredibly tiny, thin bits of hair is another suggestion for just one pass. Even while it will take much longer, the heat damage prevented by only going over each region once would be worth it.

● Utilize a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair and section it off into clipped-up sections in an orderly manner. Divide your hair into four sections at first, after which divide those into two or four more, and so on, until you're able to pull out a very small section of the hair for straightening whilst also keeping the majority of your other hair out of the manner.

● Use a fine-tooth comb! Once you've divided your hair into little sections, comb your hair just far enough to enable the iron. While using the comb as a guide, push the iron downward into your hair. In this manner, every area of hair that the iron touches will already be completely detangled. Additionally, the tension produced by the comb allows you to hair straightening with less heat styling duration.

● Before using any heat styling process, always use deep conditions. This guarantees that your hair is in peak condition and prepared for the impending heat wave!

● Always use a heat-protective spray and serum to protect your hair from heat.

● Use temperature settings between 300 and 350 degrees; never heat over 400 degrees.

● Use the appropriate tools: Spend money on a flat ceramic iron. Despite being more expensive, they are superior since the ceramic shields your hair from heat. Have one with precise temperature controls rather than merely "low, medium, high" so you can control the amount of heat applied to your hair.

Natural Straight Hair: Without Heat

Try Natural straight hair without heat

The elongating technique is the safest way to straighten hair. Hair is incredibly malleable while wet and typically dry in the form it is tugged into. This idea is applied in numerous no-heat straightening techniques. They typically work as well as blow-drying to get hair ready for a flat iron. They could also be used for a fuller or even more wavy appearance.

You wouldn't believe how effective rollers are at straightening hair. Keep in mind to roll your hair securely in sections. Wet hair is better for this. Straighten your hair with rollers with these few steps:

● Before putting your hair into rollers, lightly condition it with a leave-in conditioner. This will make detangling easier and guarantee that it will still moisturize your hair after drying.

● Wait until the hair is completely dry after rolling up damp hair. The average person will spend around an hour or two below a hooded dryer. Although this technique sometimes involves indirect heat, it is generally healthy. Another approach is to allow hair to completely dry naturally or use a blow-dryer here on rolled hair for a few moments.

● When the rollers are removed, the hair could have some unwelcome root volume and curl. Wrap it all around your head with pins to smooth it out. If you want to assist in keeping moisture in, you can choose to wrap with Saran wrap.

● Brush, unwrap, then style!


Straightening hair is the greatest method for achieving smoother, softer, frizz-free, sleek straight hair. Regardless of its texture, there are various ways to straighten your natural hair. There are more strategies you should be aware of in addition to salon procedures like rebonding and at-home techniques, including blow-drying your naturally straight hair. Try Indique for quality straight hair extensions that you can wear on every occasion.