Braiding has enhanced one of the most popular hair trends in recent years, and it’s no curiosity as some braids are popping up on social media that will get you to want to better your braiding experiences right away.


Why are Braids so pleasing? Braids hair can be worn on almost every occasion, so now is the time to practice this method. You can possess braids when you go for informal feasts, dressed-up events, or even gymnastics. When you give out your Braid, you are transmitted with a whole new hairstyle for a couple of days. In this week’s blog, we share 2 Step-By-Step Braid Tutorials. Take a look at some of these styles and see if you are inspired to try them! We have chosen looks for beginners and those already very savvy with hair.


In this blog, we will highlight:

1. French Braids

2. Rope Braids

1. The French Braids

By now, many of you are already well-known for how to do a three-strand braid. Then the next step from a three-strand braid is a French braid. The French Braid serves the same method as the three-strand Braid with a few more steps. Let’s take a broader look into how to create a French Braid.

Step 1: To begin, be sure you prep your hair with a product to manage your hair while braiding.

Step 2: After Implementing the product, Brush the hair thoroughly.

Step 3:Take a triangular part at the top front of your hairline, and split it into three parts.

Step 4: Next, pass the left strand over the middle following a usual three-strand braid technique. Then the right strand over the middle.

Step 5: Repeat this step 2 times. Once you have completed two rounds, please pick up a a small part of hair from the left and feed it into the left strand before passing it across the middle. Redo this step on the right side, the left, and so on. Proceed until you have braided all of  the hair to the ends.

2. The Rope Braids

The Rope Braid has suddenly become a trendy braid, mainly because it is not too hard to create once you get the hang of it, but it looks very complex. Let’s take a look at the steps for attaining the Rope Braids.

Step 1: Start brushing out your hair properly; this Braid will not work if you have too many knots.

Step 2: Brush your tresses into a ponytail and settle with an elastic. The braided ponytail can be placed high on the head, or low, whichever you fancy.

Step 3: Part the ponytail into two strands.

Step 4: Twist both strands of the ponytail to the right, then cross the right strand over the left and below, repeating it to the right.

Step 5: Continue the method until you reach the end.

Step 6: Tighten the ends with an elastic.

Now that you have two new braiding methods to try, we can’t wait to experience what you create with them. Keep in mind a braid can be as straightforward or as elaborate as you want it to be. Adding accessories to a braid is fabulous to change it from day to night, so don’t hesitate to have some joy.