Learn everything you need to know about Indian human hair before you buy them. Carefully review the following 5 interesting facts about Indian hair extensions before buying. 

#There Are Different Types 

It might look obvious, but the variety of hair extension alternatives offered is endless– braiding hair, clip-ins, keratin, weaves, tape-ins, and curly human hair ponytail extensions are some of them. 

Each type of extension has advantages and disadvantages. If you’re uncertain, start with curly clip-in human hair extensions. They are a perfect starting point for newbies seeking a brief change-up. You can move on to semi-permanent options like sew-in and tape-ins once you have gotten used to clip-ins. 

#Hair Extensions Look Natural 

Beginners are often surprised at how realistic clip-in and human hair loc extensions look. It all boils down to choosing high-quality Indian human hair extensions strategically placed to blend with your naturally straight hair. If you want your straight hair extensions to appear ultra-realistic, consider the texture and length. 

Instead of wearing super-long, false extensions, the tiny, precisely positioned hairpieces plump up your hair, making it look stronger, healthier, and more voluminous.

#Maintaining Hair Extensions Takes Practise 

If you are an alarm snoozer or swear by air-drying your hair, it will require some dedication to schedule a time to wash, dry, and style your hair extensions. It takes time, but you’ll be glad you did because you can continue sporting gorgeous styles and make the most of your hair extensions. 

Did You Kow: You should never leave your extensions wet, especially at night. You will wake up to a tangled mess or provoke bacteria and mold growth.

#You Will Need New Hair Products


Your regular hair care arsenal won’t hold up if you have hair extensions. This is because hair extensions respond differently to washing. Traditional shampoos and conditioners contain sulfate and paraben, agents that dry your hair and cause scalp irritation and flakes. 

New hair care products should include sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners packed with moisturizing properties to retain moisture and luster. Add dry shampoos and alcohol-free styling products to maintain your Indian human hair extensions. 

#Good-Quality Hair Extensions Cost A Pretty Penny